Self - reliance through eco-friendly entrepreneurship


Administration and Finance Department encompasses all sections of RRTC’s work ensuring day-to-day smooth functioning of the Centre and establishment. It sees to general maintenance of infrastructure, purchase of materials, provisions for ongoing programmes and requirements of various departments. The department also handles Human Resource Management. It also handles accounts, reports and documentation with the aim to ensure accountability, transparency and sustainability of the farm and the projects.


The Agriculture Department has two major tasks: presenting a viable and sustainable farm model and transfer of technology for profitable production of fruits, vegetables, spices and flowers. The department is directly responsible for production and income from farm as well as for facilitating trainings related to agriculture.

The Department of Agriculture compromise of five different units namely, Vegetable and Field crops, Nursery and Floriculture, Spices, Horticulture and Compost Production Unit.


Like Agriculture, Livestock Department presents a model livestock farm comprising of piggery, poultry, dairy, duck and rabbit units. It supports farmers by providing good breed of chicks, piglets, calves, kids and rabbits. It sustains its activities and staff from the proceeds of the farm namely meat, eggs and milk. It actively promotes livestock-based training & entrepreneurship in the region.


Marketing Department assists various inhouse units under RRTC as well as the entrepreneurs who come for training to assess, plan and prepare viable & profitable ventures, set up the units and mange effectively for profitability and sustainability. It manages the food processing unit and different sales outlets in Meghalaya and takes up trainings in EDP and marketing.


The Fishery Department imparts know-how on fish farming to the farmers through training and demonstration. It also ensures regular supply of fish fingerlings, equipments and other inputs for culture of table fish as well as ornamental fish. It has 28 model fishponds and one (1) fish hatchery for the production of fish fingerlings.


The Training Department provides training & demonstration for transfer of technologies to the youth and farmers. It plans programs, accepts nominations, organizes the programs and follows up the participants in setting up their business ventures. The department takes charge of the facilities such as training rooms, conference halls, demonstration modules in agriculture, livestock and appropriate technologies as well as accommodation faculties in the Centre.

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